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When Do I Need a Volvo Oil Change?

Knowing when you need a Volvo oil change is essential to keeping your Volvo XC90 SUV or S60 Sedan always running smooth and safe on the roads in and around Kitchener.

Volvo oil changes are recommended every 16,000 km, although it is a good idea to confirm the schedule for your specific Volvo model in your owner’s manual. Learn more about Volvo oil changes in this guide from Volvo Cars Waterloo.

Volvo Oil Change Intervals

The rule used to be that oil changes should be performed every 5,000 km, but with advances in engine and oil technology, it’s not uncommon for vehicles to go from 12,000 km to 16,000 km before needing an oil change. Consulting your owner’s manual is the best way to find out exactly how often you should change your Volvo’s oil. However, there are a few factors that can affect how often your oil will need to be changed. Some of these include:

  • Off-road driving
  • Heavy towing
  • Commercial use
  • Racing

If any of these apply to you, check in with our Service Centre. We’ll be happy to arrange an oil change schedule that fits with your driving style

Volvo Oil Change Tips

New Volvo models will have an oil level indicator light that will alert you when you are low on oil, but don’t rely on the light alone. Knowing how often your Volvo requires an oil change will help you avoid more costly repairs down the road. Even if you don’t drive your car daily, you should still plan on getting an oil change at least twice a year. Oil breaks down over time even if your car isn’t being used.

Here are some other oil change tips you should take note of:

  • Whenever you get your oil changed, your oil filter should be replaced as well. If you plan on changing your Volvo XC60 oil yourself, visit our Parts Centre to pick up the correct oil filter.
  • Check your owner’s manual to find out whether your Volvo requires synthetic oil or conventional oil. Synthetic oil is recommended for recent Volvo models.

Along with your regular Volvo oil change at every 16,000 km, the service technicians at Volvo Cars Waterloo will also perform a variety of other important maintenance tasks such as a chassis inspection, fluid level check, technical software update, and more.

You Can Trust the Volvo Experts at Volvo Cars Waterloo

Is your Volvo XC40 due for an oil change? Just schedule an appointment at Volvo Cars Waterloo and our certified service techs will take care of it for you. We handle all Volvo maintenance and repair for drivers from Cambridge to Waterloo region, and we look forward to helping you tend to all of your auto care needs. If you have any questions about when to replace your Volvo brake pads, when you should replace your XC90 tires, or the meaning of your Volvo dashboard warning lights, please feel free to contact our Service Centre directly. If you need to find a new Volvo oil filter, or any genuine Volvo parts for your used model or new model, visit our Parts Centre.

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